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Hunter Gabriel Records


Hunter Gabriel Eaton was born on

November 2nd 2003 to Paul & Dora Eaton. 


What a great day!  Our first born was finally here!

Amazing joy, much too quickly, turned to great sadness when our  precious son Hunter died on November 28th.  At just 3 weeks old Hunter died of NEC, an intestinal infection that quickly spread around the NICU from one baby to the next.  You see Hunter was born at 32 weeks, just a bit pre-mature.  He did very well in the NICU - gaining weight and getting strong but, he took a drastic turn for the worse mere days before he was to come home to stay.  Hunter's NEC diagnosis meant exploratory surgery. See, if you can catch the virus in time you can just remove the bad part of the intestines, eventually heal and live a normal life.  This worked for the other babies who were infected however, this was not Hunter's case.  After the surgery we found out that most of his intestines were infected and there was nothing that anyone could do to make the situation livable.  Only the strength of the Holy Spirit, our family, our brothers and sisters and our love for our son carried us though that night.  My wife and I sang songs to him and held him during his last hours of life here on earth.  We feel eternally grateful for the time that God allowed us to have with Hunter. Hunter is the greatest gift in a son that anyone could have ever asked for.  During our 3 weeks with him he sang along with us (he really did!), snuggled with us and helped my wife and I to see the real wonder and glory of life.  I know for many it is hard to hold on to, or to find, joyful memories during such loss however, we continually attempt to honor Hunter's life by thanking God and by remembering the pure joy that was given to us in those brief, yet wonderful moments of his life.  

Today you are visiting the record company that we started a few years back.  It took awhile for us to get here, to this point in time.  Hunter Gabriel Records, LLC honors his memory and delivers, what we believe is, his message of joy. Through sorrow and longing we finally found peace and love.  When you listen to our music you will hear songs that convey the emotions and feelings which engulfed our existence during Hunter's life and that continue help us to press forward on this unexpected journey - life. (challenging stuff, right?)

Dora and I have a beautiful daughter named Olivia (that's her on our 2nd CD cover!) She has brought laughter, healing and joy into our lives (along with many bumps & bruises, Barbies, a puppy (Oliver Jones : -) ) and constant, non-stop conversation! We write this to help encourage the souls of those who may be going through such a time, or who have gone though the grief of losing a child.  We understand the dream deferred, the empty cradle and the broken heart that remains in shards.  Know this, you will be o.k..  You will make it through this chapter of your life.  (This story is much longer than what was shared here. We made it through with the help those who shared similar losses. Visit: for healing resources) Although, many moments appear dark, God has promises for you. We hope that you will seek out this truth for understanding. 

We hope that you may find strength here, in these collections of songs, and experience the joy of love, however brief. Seek love. Pure joy begins with love.  

Love, laugh and live!

Paul & Dora Eaton 


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11/02/ 2003- 11/28/2003
Hunter Gabriel Eaton


Nearly 500,000 babies are born too soon each year. Some are so small they struggle to survive.

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Hunter Gabriel Records

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