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#4 Love Is Love

New Phunkyman recording full of guitar goodness and inspiration!!

New Releases

This is Love

From Phunkyman #3 "Super hero"


Recorded Catalog

July 22nd 2013
#3 Super Hero


An inspirational guitar soaked funk driven soulful ride of goodness that is guaranteed to take you higher and keep you moving!.

Phunkyman is an artist that continues to speak with an open heart about love, truth, relationships, the joys and pain of life and inspires you to enjoy the ride. The music created here flows from the fingers and vocal chords of a man and his friends that only can come from the human condition and not machines! While there are tasteful and fun uses of technology and effects to color the tones you hear on this album, it remains a collaborative effort of living souls giving their all to drive you to groove, dance, rock hard, and snap your fingers. This music is going make you heart grow and your spirit soar!

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May 5th 2012
Spirit and Truth

Spirit and Truth

Spirit and Truth is a project of guitarist P.M. Eaton of the band Phunkyman. P.M. performed as a guitarist for many artists: Kelis, Dawn Robinson, T.M. Stevens, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry and continues to perform with many others.

The first installment of Spirit and Truth includes song leaders from the Greater Philadelphia Church of Christ (GPCC) and members of Phunkyman, West Philly Orchestra, and L.A. Starz.

Spirit and Truth is a collection of spirituals, praise and worship songs, and old school gospel. Stay tuned for future projects!

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#2 New Kinda Blue


A new funk n soul revolution. This CD is filled with blues and and heavy guitar firepower and awesome songs of rejoicing, sorrow, and redemption. A true journey from start to finish.

Guest appearances include: T.M. Stevens, Chuck Treece, and Doug Grigsby

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#1 My Experience


Phunkyman #1 My Experience will have you Groove Surfin' on their TIGHT blend of funksoulmusic. A "New Blues" experience that's hard hitting funk for your soul.

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Artist News

August  2014

September 2014

Tune in to "This is Love" is in rotation! Request it as much as you can!! They have been rocking this inspirational hit for 8 months straight!! Thank you for supporting positive music!!




October 2014

Just came back from serving at the International Church of Christ' ACRconference in Virginia Beach VA. What an awesome time of Celebration! Keep spreading the word and living for God!

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